form & function

McKesson -Patient Care Solutions

Vacants to Value -Baltimore City

COPART Front End Prototype

The Nature Conservancy -Virginia

Richmond Public Schools -UX Enhancement Prototype

Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health


Afton Chemical

Vintage Outside

Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Corporation -Maryland Farmlink

St. Mary’s City -Print House Museum

Digital Media & Security -DMS

RTA Maryland

Marines on Iwo Jima

Austin Graffiti Train Bridge

Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC)

Wireframes/UI Development

Croplife International -Online Petition

James River Association – State of the James

Peace. August 15th, 1945. VJ Day WWII

US Army Air Force Bomber – WWII

LightTape – Electro-LuminX

American Airlines PAC Annual Report

Enough is Enough -Internet Safety 101

Eatwell DC Restaurant Group

Art & Expression

Victory Garden, WWII

James River Association -Annual Impact Report

Linden Resources (Now Melwood Growth Resources)

Howard County Electric Bus Project


Society of Nuclear Medicine

Steelhorse Classics

Cubicle Survival Guide -By Jim Thompson (Villard 2007)

4K for Cancer

Art on Wheels

The Terra Cotta Group Investment Firm

39 Stripes – Beyond Broken CD & Packaging